To pageant or not to pageant

So as a mom it’s in me to feel that my child is the most beautiful child in earth. Which I do don’t all of us moms feel that way. So I’m often sent info about pageants and I have thought about it. Then I watch shows like toddlers in tiaras and wonder what these pageants teach little girls. Recently a friend if mine a beauty queen in more than a few pageants invited me and my daughter to come find out about some upcoming pageants run through her program. My first thought wasn’t no right away I read the material sent it sounded like a pageant that wasn’t based on overly makeup clad little girls in tiny outfits. But one based on personality and the natural beauty of a child. It sounded all good until I was told the fee for a stranger to tell my toddler she was pretty was $300. My first reaction was to laugh and say to a friend a tell my child she’s beautiful daily. I can put on my own show and get my child a trophy for way less and have it mean so much more.

I’ve become that parent who annoys me in my classroom.

So while picking a pre-school for Miss T I was pretty set in certain things that where a must. ( I’m this person if it’s not what I want it’s not happening). So I didn’t want a huge pre-school with a excessive amount of tot.

Also I had to have that family type feel where my child would be like one of the teachers own. Not just another face.

Not that Miss T is easy to ignore or forget lol. So I’ve come to realize that I’m the mom who’s always asking what is she learning about now, what theme is it this week, what should I be focused on at home to reinforce what she’s doing in class. What can I do to help out the class.

Mind you as a teacher these parents can be overwhelming and it makes you feel they aren’t confident in your ability. But now I’m that mom it really is even like that lol

Oh no, no, no David

My choice this time around was “No David by David Shannon” mostly because I love his work, (teacher remember I’m not just sitting around reading kids books) though it would be a job I’d love and do well.

So we look at the pictures and talk about them. ( working on comprehension ! Yep I bring my work home lol)

We then start over and read. It’s all going well at this point as she laughs at David getting told no a lot . His mom getting upset and her favorite part David runs down the road naked.

We we get to the part where David’s mom seems to have had enough and sends him to his room. I stop at this part to focus on Davids expression as we look at his face and body language. Miss T doesn’t really care that David is sad Oh No.

He doesn't look dead to me just angry .
He doesn’t look dead to me just angry .

This is where my 3 year old totally ruined NO David for me. She points to his black eyes and say ” mommy look, look ” so I’m looking “Mommy what happen to him” my response is about what I’m focused on getting across by now. So I say ” I think David is sad he got sent for a time out.” Her reply ” no mommy look at his eyes! look he’s dead”

In this house we read, or we attempt to

So I’ve been reading to little miss T from she invaded my womb. I never knew  that books are made to read to your fetus but being an avid reader myself and a first time mom I totally googled everything.  So we have an “In This House We Read” thing we do. So both myself and Miss T get to choose a book at bed time to read to her. We always read her choice first or it doesn’t end so well for me. We read through the day sometimes but this is I’m our nightly routine.


The late nap toddler and the bed time break down.

So we have a bedtime routine because if you don’t all hell breaks loose when it’s bedtime. So bath and nite time milk and a story. But it being a Saturday a certain little lady didn’t didn’t take her nap till late. Who knew the drama this would bring. I did or should have. As I put her into bed all tucked in for 2 minutes later to see her out of bed back and forth this went. Then it was a scrape from a week ago hurt to a mosquito bite to my leg and hand are broke (yes at only 3 she’s pretty good at excuses) to her last attempt at the one thing that gets on mommy’s last tired little nerves. crying and nope not just quiet sobs, screaming at the top of her lungs. I am getting better at letting her  know that crying doesn’t get you what you want.  It makes her so tired that she’s now fast asleep this is a mommy win. Crying didn’t make me give you what you want and now your fast asleep.

The New Age Toddler

So being the mom of a 3 year old toddler I find myself on daily quests of questioning. Not from my little one but myself covering my eyes or rubbing my head in wonder. Mostly wondering where does this kid get her ideas from and is she questioning my authority.