The late nap toddler and the bed time break down.

So we have a bedtime routine because if you don’t all hell breaks loose when it’s bedtime. So bath and nite time milk and a story. But it being a Saturday a certain little lady didn’t didn’t take her nap till late. Who knew the drama this would bring. I did or should have. As I put her into bed all tucked in for 2 minutes later to see her out of bed back and forth this went. Then it was a scrape from a week ago hurt to a mosquito bite to my leg and hand are broke (yes at only 3 she’s pretty good at excuses) to her last attempt at the one thing that gets on mommy’s last tired little nerves. crying and nope not just quiet sobs, screaming at the top of her lungs. I am getting better at letting her  know that crying doesn’t get you what you want.  It makes her so tired that she’s now fast asleep this is a mommy win. Crying didn’t make me give you what you want and now your fast asleep.


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