I’ve become that parent who annoys me in my classroom.

So while picking a pre-school for Miss T I was pretty set in certain things that where a must. ( I’m this person if it’s not what I want it’s not happening). So I didn’t want a huge pre-school with a excessive amount of tot.

Also I had to have that family type feel where my child would be like one of the teachers own. Not just another face.

Not that Miss T is easy to ignore or forget lol. So I’ve come to realize that I’m the mom who’s always asking what is she learning about now, what theme is it this week, what should I be focused on at home to reinforce what she’s doing in class. What can I do to help out the class.

Mind you as a teacher these parents can be overwhelming and it makes you feel they aren’t confident in your ability. But now I’m that mom it really is even like that lol


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