Oh no, no, no David

My choice this time around was “No David by David Shannon” mostly because I love his work, (teacher remember I’m not just sitting around reading kids books) though it would be a job I’d love and do well.

So we look at the pictures and talk about them. ( working on comprehension ! Yep I bring my work home lol)

We then start over and read. It’s all going well at this point as she laughs at David getting told no a lot . His mom getting upset and her favorite part David runs down the road naked.

We we get to the part where David’s mom seems to have had enough and sends him to his room. I stop at this part to focus on Davids expression as we look at his face and body language. Miss T doesn’t really care that David is sad Oh No.

He doesn't look dead to me just angry .
He doesn’t look dead to me just angry .

This is where my 3 year old totally ruined NO David for me. She points to his black eyes and say ” mommy look, look ” so I’m looking “Mommy what happen to him” my response is about what I’m focused on getting across by now. So I say ” I think David is sad he got sent for a time out.” Her reply ” no mommy look at his eyes! look he’s dead”


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