To pageant or not to pageant

So as a mom it’s in me to feel that my child is the most beautiful child in earth. Which I do don’t all of us moms feel that way. So I’m often sent info about pageants and I have thought about it. Then I watch shows like toddlers in tiaras and wonder what these pageants teach little girls. Recently a friend if mine a beauty queen in more than a few pageants invited me and my daughter to come find out about some upcoming pageants run through her program. My first thought wasn’t no right away I read the material sent it sounded like a pageant that wasn’t based on overly makeup clad little girls in tiny outfits. But one based on personality and the natural beauty of a child. It sounded all good until I was told the fee for a stranger to tell my toddler she was pretty was $300. My first reaction was to laugh and say to a friend a tell my child she’s beautiful daily. I can put on my own show and get my child a trophy for way less and have it mean so much more.


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